What's planned on Esk

20211026 Esk site

Before we can start building new homes, we need to make sure we have good, reliable infrastructure in place to support new housing and population growth in the area. Over the next 2 years, our civil and infrastructure experts Te Aranga will not only be preparing the area for new homes as well as future proofing the three-water network to last for generations to come. 

As soon as this vital earthworks is complete, Kāinga Ora will start building over 100 new warmer, drier homes on our Esk site. We anticipate construction will be staggered from 2022 as portions of the site becomes avaliable for new homes to be built.

This will be a bit of a journey, but we thank you in advance for your patience during this construction period.


Late 2021 - earthworks on and around site starts

Late 2022 start construction of first homes on Esk site

Late 2024 earthworks on and around Esk site complete

Late 2024 - large scale construction of new homes starts 

Late 2025 - over 100 new, modern homes built on Esk site. 

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