What's coming up in the next 3 months


On our Esk site, there is a lot of work that needs to happen underground in order to prepare the site for new homes.

Over the next three months our civil and infrastructure experts Te Aranga will be completing a range of tasks from removing trees, to installing/removing power poles, removing water mains as well a lot of earthworks to prepare for new 2 meter pipes to be installed underground.

If you want a little more detail, we’ve colour coded the map to show different areas of work happening this year. Please note planned timeframes may change slightly due to bad weather or Covid-19 Alert Levels. We will keep you posted of any changes via our Facebook page


Pink: Between late October and mid November we will start restoring land back to its former state, making it ideal to build and live on. To do this we have hired specialist licensed operators to remove the top soil, in line with current health and safety legislation and guidelines.

During the removal process you may see our contractors wearing protective clothing and breathing masks in some areas. This is to ensure they are protected on site while in direct contact with contaminated soil, and to ensure it is safely contained so it does not impact the wider community. There will also be a lot of truck movements to and from site over this period (leaving and entering from Hazard Grove). Click here for more information about the removal process.

Yellow: We will be starting to install the new wastewater and stormwater pipes on Castor and Calliope Crescent. The initial section will be installed under a three-way stop/go starting on the 8th of November and will take around a month to complete.

Red: Once the yellow section has been completed we will move to the red section to install the new waste water and stormwater pipes. To help ensure we complete the work as quickly and safely as possible, we will need to close a portion of Calliope Crescent. This work is scheduled to start at the end of November/early December and signage will help guide cars and pedestrians safely around the work site.

Green: We will have a second drainage crew start upgrading the man hole around 21 Castor Crescent. To help ensure we complete the work as quickly and safely as possible we will be setting up a stop/go from 8 November until just before Christmas.

Dark Blue: To help ensure water leaving the site does not contain soil we will be creating three temporary ponds on site. These ponds should all be finished just before Christmas and will help ensure any water leaving the site does not impact the current stormwater network.

Orange: To help manage water better in the area, we will be installing large stormwater pipes through the centre of the site. You will see a large excavator and dump trucks on site to help dig a large trench are remove excess soil. We are aiming to complete the trench by Christmas.

Light Blue: We are still working though a few options for this piece of work. but this may be a section that we have a subcontractor start on at the start of December. If we do make a start this year, we our drainage crews will start working on the manhole at the bottom of the slope and work our way up to Castor Crescent.

Following the Christmas creak we will closure of Castor Cres as we crane in the manhole that will sit in the middle of the road. This road closure will be for around two weeks.

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