Supporting growth in eastern Porirua

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We’re proposing improvements to the transport network and streets in and around eastern Porirua, which could improve safety and make connecting between bus, bike, and train easier.

We’re proposing the following transport interventions

Active modes (non-vehicle modes)

  • Safer footpaths and walkways
  • Separated walking and cycling, where space permits
  • Better access to parks and connecting neighbourhoods

Public transport

  • Bus priority within the current road corridor, where space permits
  • Mobility hubs at some bus interchanges to support alternative transport optionssuch as e-bikes, bikes, scooters.


  • Upgrading intersections to make it safer
  • Traffic calming measures.


  • Better public transport and active modes access to shopping centres and social events.
  • Create a network which works better for those with mobility requirements

Our proposed interventions anticipate increasing numbers of people visiting and living in eastern Porirua. The changes will make it easier to use public transport and move around the neighbourhood. You can learn more about the changes we’re proposing by visiting our interactive Social Pinpoint map.

Tell us what you think, your feedback can improve this project, and help build our business case to seek funding.

Online feedback is now closed. 


Project background

Supporting growth in eastern Porirua

The Porirua Development aims to upgrade infrastructure and develop land to help enable 2000 homes on private and public land across Porirua.

Over the next 30 years, Porirua is projected to be home to another 86,000 people. This could require as many as 10,500 new homes.

Between 2020 and 2034 alone, around, 2000 new homes are proposed to be built which could mean some 6,000 new people calling eastern Porirua home. 

The Porirua Development aims to upgrade infrastructure and develop land to help enable 2000 homes on private and public land across Porirua.  

As part of upgrading infrastructure and developing land for more homes, the Porirua Development recognises the need to improve and create good transport connections to support thriving communities.

What we have heard 

During 2019, the Porirua Development held a number of community engagement sessions to learn more about what the community wanted to see in transport

  • Better & more frequent public transport
  • Accessibility for shopping centres & public transport
  • Safer roads & intersections
Key challenges and impacts 

Along with high growth, a lack of investment in good transport options to meet demand results in a range of issues including: 

  • Increased traffic volumes, more journeys, changing travel patterns
  • Increased safety risk for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Limited availability of public transport to meet demand
  • Lack ofinfrastructure and appeal of alternative active options like bikes or walking
  • Public transport infrastructure (e.g. footpaths and bus stops), is limited and often not appealing. This further discourages walking, cycling and using the bus.
  • Distance from transport hubs and limited transport options restrict people’s ability to access education, employment and social activities
  • Limited range of travel options means high use of private cars even for short trips and commutes creating congestion

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