Social Pinpoint – tell us what's hot and what's not


We've begun talking with residents, to listen and understand community views on what they like about their neighbourhoods and what could be improved or change with the opportunities that the redevelopment will bring. We're using Social Pinpoint so people can take a quick survey, or drop a pin and make a suggestion, or provide info about a particular place in eastern Porirua.

 Take a quick survey or drop a pin now [Social Pinpoint page]

The topics for discussion include housing, getting around the area, the environment, parks and open spaces, shopping and town centres, and community facilities and services.

Why are we doing this work?

We're working alongside the community to make eastern Porirua a better place to live, work and raise whānau. The project includes redesigning neighbourhoods, revitalising town centres, upgrading parks and providing warm, dry, healthy homes for Porirua families. It will include:

• replacing older state homes that are past their best with warm, dry modern homes that are better suited to tenants’ needs
• building new affordable, market and KiwiBuild houses
• improving neighbourhood design, including upgrading parks and streets, to make it easier to get around eastern Porirua, and do business
• significant investment in the area’s ageing infrastructure
• providing the community an opportunity to think about their future education needs and
• creating jobs for locals. 

All those who call eastern Porirua home – residents, businesses and community organisations – will have a role to play in helping plan eastern Porirua’s future.

Head to our Social Pinpoint page now [Social Pinpoint page]

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