Porirua Proposed District Plan


Porirua Proposed District Plan – Porirua City Council want to hear your thoughts

On Friday 28 August Porirua City Council publicly notified the Porirua Proposed District Plan. The Proposed District Plan will be open for submissions until 20 November 2020 and PCC wants to hear from as many people as possible.

 What is the District Plan?

The District Plan is the rulebook for how land can be used in Porirua City. It applies to every property in the city and sets the rules for subdivision, use and development. It also identifies those things in the city that we value, including significant natural areas and sites of cultural or historical significance and sets out how these will be protected.

 The Proposed District Plan contains rules that apply to every property in Porirua and will inform how the City changes and grows. It includes rules controlling things such as the maximum height of buildings as well as rules to protect special features such as indigenous biodiversity and notable trees.  It sets out those activities that are permitted and those that require resource consent from the Council. 

 The planning rules and framework to support the wider regeneration work in eastern Porirua are included as part of the Proposed District Plan. We have been working with PCC to ensure that these proposed planning provisions enable the objectives of the regeneration project.

 How do I view the Proposed District Plan?

The Proposed District Plan is available online in an e-Plan digital format at the following address: www.poriruacity.govt.nz/proposeddistrictplan

Here you can read the Proposed District Plan, view the planning maps, do a property search and print hard copies (note: The e-plan works best in Google Chrome).

It can also be inspected at:

  • Porirua City Council, Administration Building, Cobham Court, Porirua
  • All Porirua libraries

 How do I make a submission?

You can do this in any of these ways:

  • e-Plan portal: poriruacity.govt.nz/proposeddistrictplan
  • Email: dpreview@pcc.govt.nz
  • Post: Proposed District Plan, Environment and City Planning, Porirua City Council, PO Box 50-218, PORIRUA CITY
  • Delivery: Ground Floor, Council Administration Building, Cobham Court, Porirua City, marked “Attention: Proposed District Plan, Environment and City Planning”.

 Need a hand?

Porirua City Council staff are available to meet and help you understand how the Proposed District Plan works, what it may mean for you and your property and how to make a submission. You can either email or call the planning team at PCC to make an appointment:

PCC is also offering a “Friend of the Submitter” service to help you make your submission. The “Friend of the Submitter” is an independent planning consultant that is available to assist you through the planning process and is a free service, at no cost to you.

 To contact the Friend of the Submitter you can email or call:


  • 021 532 284

 Key steps in the Proposed District Plan process

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