26 Aug 2020

Planning process for eastern Porirua

SPP Image

Changes to the planning rules and framework to support the wider regeneration work in eastern Porirua will now go through Porirua City Council’s city-wide District Plan Review process.

Kāinga Ora, in partnership with Porirua City Council, was looking to use a Streamlined Planning Process (SPP) to enable the delivery of the work in eastern Porirua, but have decided to seek these changes through the city-wide District Plan process. This is due to changes in a number of factors since the original decision to use SPP was made, including a reduction in projected time savings. This decision has been informed by, and undertaken alongside, discussions with Council officers.
Kāinga Ora is committed to working closely with Council on its city-wide proposed District Plan process to ensure that planning provisions will enable the objectives of the regeneration project to be delivered. The proposed District Plan is scheduled to be notified for public submissions in the coming months. You can read more about Porirua City Council’s District Plan timeline and process here.

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