Partnering for the Porirua pipeline

Heavy rain in eastern Porirua’s Matahourua Crescent used to mean homes would flood.

Now, a pipe sweeps through the ground beneath a new Kāinga Ora development. It’s big enough that you could ride a bicycle through it, but instead it feeds stormwater into a park network where it will be treated.

From there, clean water flows into the Kenepuru stream.

“That pipe is only possible through the partnership we have here between ourselves, the Porirua City Council and Ngāti Toa Rangatira,” says Kāinga Ora Associate Project Director Robbie Woods.

And while its size is striking, that pipe is just a small part of a much larger project. Robbie’s team leads Te Rā Nui Eastern Porirua Development, where the partnerships he mentions will bring thousands more homes to the area, alongside the infrastructure that makes them great places to live.

“The purpose of this project is to provide meaningful, significant improvements to the wellbeing of eastern Porirua residents,” Robbie says.

In Cannons Creek Park, a large urban wetland will become part of that wider stormwater network.

It will improve water quality and drainage, both for new homes and the people who already live here, “but that’s not all it can do,” he says.

“That wetland can be a place of true quality amenity for the community. It can be a place where the community can come together in nature, but within their own backyard.”

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