26 Aug 2020

Future planning rules for eastern Porirua

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Porirua City Council’s District Plan contains the planning rules for the city. Right now they’re preparing new rules as part of the city-wide District Plan Review, to ensure it enables growth while protecting the things that make Porirua special. The Council is also proposing to run a planning process specifically for eastern Porirua. This will involve the Council and Kāinga Ora working together with the community on the planning rules for the area to achieve the objectives of the Porirua Development. The Council is proposing to use the Streamlined Planning Process (SPP), which is a planning tool that allows processes and timeframes to be altered to meet the needs of the project.

Before this process can be used, key criteria must be met and an application must be approved by the Minister for the Environment. One of the main benefits of the SPP is that it allows for more targeted engagement and opportunities for communities to shape the direction of the future planning rules up front. It means the voices of residents can be heard alongside those who are familiar with the planning process or those who may have a financial interest in development.

The Council are only at the early stages of considering what the planning rules for eastern Porirua might include. There will be plenty of opportunities for the community to have their say throughout this process. Being involved will help to influence how you, your children and grandchildren enjoy eastern Porirua now and into the future. Read more about what Porirua City Council is proposing here [PDF, 44KB]

For more about the District Plan review or SPP, go to the Porirua City Council website Reviewing our District Plan and What is the Streamlined Planning Process [Porirua City Council website]

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